Top 5 Studying Abroad Programs

There are hundreds of study abroad programs that are available around the world. These five are the cream of a very creamy bunch. There are very few “Bad” study-abroad programs, and the students that are able to go the course are always pleased they did. If you think you have the tenacity and adaptability to be able to study and thrive abroad, then here are five strong contenders for your consideration.

Top 5 Studying Abroad Programs 7

1 – Goucher College – Field, development and Accademia Program

This is a University in Baltimore, MD. It has an unofficial study-abroad rate of 118%, which they have achieved (so they say) because students study abroad a number of times during their time there. There are some great and varied locations such as Costa Rica and Eastern Europe. They send students to locations in 32 countries and have over 60 programs. The most recommended study abroad programs are Accademia Dell’Arte in Italy, development Studies in Uganda and French Field Study and Internship in Belgium.

2 – University of the Sunshine Coast – One or Two Semesters

The goal of the Sunshine Coast study abroad programs is to promote an intercultural experience. This is a fast growing University that is adding new facets to its study abroad programs every year. As an international student, you can study in the University whilst living on the picturesque sunshine coast.

With their study abroad programs, you can enroll for one or two semesters and choose from a wide range of course. You can pre-register the courses you want before you arrive and earn credit towards your home degree. They make their study abroad programs open to secondary school graduates and university or college students.

3 – University of the Arts London

This University offers three study abroad programs for students. Each has different learning structures to accommodate different study needs. One of their programs is the “Integrated Study Abroad” program. It allows you to study alongside the local honor degree students. You can work for up to three terms and you may fully integrate into the BA course if you wish.

Their “Semester Study Abroad” program allows you to conduct your studies aboard and choose from their electives in a way that suits your study needs. They offer teaching and support to students that choose this option. There is the “Summer Study Abroad” program, which varies in length depending on the options you choose. They are for students that want to be able to put studying abroad on their CV, but cannot study for a full year or a full semester.

4 – The University Of Western Australia – Abroad or Exchange

A lot of Top Australian writers have attended institutions such as the University of Western Australia. You may have the option of a student exchange if the University of Western Australia has an exchange program with your current University. Otherwise, you can choose their “Study Abroad” option that is available for people that have completed High School, but that have not yet chosen a college or University. You can choose to study at this University for up to a year, or if you already attend this University, you may study at another University for up to two semesters.

The University itself is a great place to learn, and despite their restrictive rules on how long you can study abroad or in the University, they have a lot of courses you can join and take part in.

5 – Holy Cross College – Holy Cross Programs

This University is in Notre Dame, Indiana. A massive nine out of ten students study abroad at Holy Cross College. The town surrounding the Holy Cross college is known as a college town because it is geared very heavily towards catering for students. Many of the businesses in the town make their living from student money. They have four main programs, which are Holy Cross in Ghana, Holy Cross in Peru, Holy Cross in Brazil and Holy Cross in India. They also have other partner or short-term opportunities that you should research into before you attend the University.

This is the college people attend if they want to study in some of the more remote and exotic parts of the world. The places they send you are safe if you follow the rules and do not go exploring on your own–especially if you are American or British because they are not “well-liked” by some people in certain parts of their study abroad countries.