Top 5 Cities in the World for Engineers

If you are an engineer and planning to move abroad to some other cities, then here’s a look at some of the top global cities for engineers in India

At the beginning of the 21st century, industry is truly global. Individuals in the profession of engineering have unparalleled opportunity where they can approach a substantial international career path. No matter whatever be your age, if you are an wanderlust in nature, and choose to fill your wallet in various currencies, then there are certain cities across the globe where you will be welcomed as an engineer with open arms.

Most people would agree that both – industry and people are based in cities. Jobs in engineering are available in international locations, and especially branches like manufacturing and technology have the highest demand. Given below is a list of top international destinations for global engineers. Here’s a look:

  • Munich, Germany

The city of Munich is seen by many as the high tech centre of Germany. Nearly 66% of the city’s population uses germanybroadband internet, which is the highest in Europe. Then city is also headquarters of several industrial giants such as BMW, Siemens, and MTU Aero Engines and also other large international firms. According to the association of German engineers, Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, it is estimated that there would be around 70,000 engineering jobs available in Germany that might increase by 2025.

Germans are also well-known to hold their engineers in great esteem. Moreover, industrial sectors like renewables, automotive, equipment and machinery are booming.  So, it is very evident that Munich in Germany is a good base for a career in engineering spanning across several branches.

  • Melbourne, Australia

1Australia’s second largest city Melbourne is typically seen as the country’s centre for technology, R&D and logistics. Just like Munich, Melbourne is also home to the automotive industry of Australia. Firms like Toyota, Ford and General Motors have their factories in the city. There are plenty of opportunities for international engineers in the land Down Under. As per latest figures collected from official data, immigrant engineers nearly fill half the country’s vacancies.

  • Chennai, India

Lying on the eastern coast of India, Chennai has a broad industrial base and is widely known as the Detroit3of India. Several well-known companies have its manufacturing base in the city including names like – Renault, Hyundai, Bosch, Nissan, BMW, Ford and Mitsubishi. Apart from that, the city is also home to a host of software companies such as Nokia, Dell, Samsung, CTS and many more.

Even in the education field, engineering education is highly preferred. There are several engineering colleges in Chennai from where you can complete a degree.

The city’s unique amalgamation of tradition and modernity makes it an attractive place to stay. Researches reveal that the city is home to the third largest expat population. Moreover, living expenses in the city is far cheaper than that of its counterparts like Mumbai and Delhi. All these make, Chennai one of the most popular destination for engineers all across.

  • Houston, Texas, USA

Upholding a great combination of high prices, great technology and also latest engineering techniques for deep water and fracking, the city of Houston is always in demand for engineers. In a recent survey it was revealed that Houston has the highest demand for engineers in the US with electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering being the top-most takers.

The fourth largest city in the US, Houston is also known for its sprawling oil and gas industry. A diverse multicultural makeup, gives the city a proper international feel and cost of living is also comparatively cheaper in the region.

  • Shanghai, China

4As per Chinese government, almost half of the world’s well-known industrial companies have a strong presence in Shanghai. The city is also the oldest and the largest base for industrial technology in the country. Heavy industries account for the country’s GDP to a great extent. Shanghai’s pillar industries include sectors like electronics, petrochemicals, steel and automotive among others.

The number of expat workers in the city is estimated at around 400,000; Though hours can be long, most expats opine that Shanghai offers some of the cheapest an simplest ways to reside.

The Final Words

Opportunities for engineers in other countries are ample and if you are an engineer and planning to try your luck, anywhere else, you might opt to work and live in any of the above-mentioned cities.