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The Independent recently published a news article revealing that over £800m a year is wasted on students who drop out of apprenticeships and A-level courses. The report, which was carried out for the Local Government Association (LGA) by the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, also found that the A-level dropout rate is 5 per cent and almost 200,000 16 to 18 year olds failed to complete post-16 qualifications. Successfully completing university is critical to every student’s success in life.


High dropout rates occur because certain schools and universities focus on profit while some students commit to classes they aren’t prepared to finish. Even worse, some students are unable to continue with their education because they are confused with the complex application and admissions process. This can all be avoided through choosing the right programme for the right person with the right amount of preparation. Luckily, potential students have an educational advocate through UniAdmissions.

UniAdmissions is the UK’s number one university admissions organisation. They specialise in providing expert support through the entire application process while preparing potential students for interviews and exams. UniAdmissions can help with writing a proper UCAS Personal Statement and preparing for admission tests such as the UKCAT, TSA, PAT, MAT, LNAT and BMAT. In addition to this, there is solid support for Oxbridge and medical interviews through courses, individual tuition and mock interviews. Books and resources, such as practice papers and guides, are always available. Finally, UniAdmissions can help potential students with one on one tutorials that provide expert tutors, helpful techniques and individual attention.

In conclusion, students have an educational advocate through UniAdmissions. They offer over 300 professional tutors and a proven track record of helping hundreds of applicants and schools across the UK to reach their educational goals. Contact UniAdmissions to find out how they can assist and meet your educational needs today.