The Mix-N-Match Career: Video Mixing


Video mixing is a process basically in which videos are made by taking input from two or more different video sources. It is similar to the mixing console and does to a video exactly what the mixing console does to an audio. As simple and easy a task as it might seem, video mixing is among one of the toughest arts to learn. It requires a lot of patience and accuracy at the same time. Extensive practice is required and a person needs to be thoroughly trained about the usage of machines in video mixing.

  • Who Is a Video Mixer

Video mixer is a common term for both the machine that is used for mixing the video as well as the person who works on the video mixing machine and mixes the video. Since the task of both is almost same, therefore the name ends up being the same too. However, it is the video mixer who controls the machine. Just as the CPU controls the computer, the video mixer controls the mixing machine and the video, therefore, is his brainchild.

Video mixing is not an easy task and it requires a proper professional training to be a video mixer.

  • Qualifications for a Video Mixer

Since the task is very demanding and requires a lot of patience, experience and the ability to handle the machine for long hours, the video mixing studios hire trained people only for the job. A newcomer who has no experience in the field can possibly spend almost a lifetime trying to make the mixed video perfectly but won’t succeed. Studios usually prefer hiring professionals who have earlier worked for some video mixing studios and knows how to work on the machine. A certificate of training in video mixing is a must for the person to be able to start working as one. The certificate is awarded to people who have taken training under experienced professionals for a span of one month to two years depending on the type of training you want. The longer the time duration the better trained and preferable for the companies you are.

  • Video Mixing Training

There are numerous multimedia institutes around the country that offer video mixing training as one of the courses in their institute. The demand of the course being low, it is not necessarily available in all the multimedia institutes and only some are able to provide quality training which can prove to be useful to the student. Being the hub of cinema and telefilms industry, Mumbai and Delhi have the highest number of video mixing training institutes in the country. Also, the demand for the media courses there is high and students from around the country go to these places to pursue these fields of interest.

Video mixing is an interest based course and not everyone can bring themselves to like the course all the same. Pursuing it as a career is beneficial and you can start your own video mixing studio too if you have a capital to invest in it. It would be a good source of income.

Author: The author is a video-mixer expert and trains the students in one of the leading institutes of Delhi, TGC India