The Key Elements of Designing a Great Logo

Designing a logo is a simple task. You can start an application on your mobile or tablet and start drawing a logo. However, to draw a logo, you must understand the key concepts that should be kept in mind while drawing a logo.

A logo should have six key components. When you learn how to draw brands of the world step-by-step guide, your first step should be a long thinking session. Here are few things, you should think about before opening the mobile application to draw a logo.

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Look at the top brands around the world, they have the simplest logos. A Logo is a brand image, so the simpler it is, the lesser are a chances of a mistake. When you try to make a logo, simplicity is the key.


The memorable the logo is, the better is the impact of the logo on the minds of the customers. With a large number of brands around the world trying to occupy a permanent seat in the minds of the customers, it is easy to remember the logo.


 When you draw a logo, you should understand that just by a glimpse of the logo the customer must understand the business of the organisation. However, this rule does not apply to some of the greatest brands like Apple.


When you make a logo, you should make it versatile. If you make a 3-D logo, you will face a huge challenge when you print it on apparels. So, when you make a logo you should be aware of the different limitations of the different media like cardboard, cloth etc.


 Not that every logo on the planet is unique or has a hidden message. However, one should always try to work on concepts before drawing a logo. There are a lot of ideas that you can come across when you sit and think.


 When you make a logo try to make it timeless, do not think of factors like current generation of think that your product will cater to only one segment of the market. You might have to rethink about your logo when you expand your business in such cases.

Design Aesthetics

Your logo must be a pleasure to watch. When you make a logo, make sure the design aesthetics are great and the logo is designed beautifully. There are a large number of cases when you see that the concept of logo is great, but the design does not please the eyes.

When you try to draw a logo, you should prefer to draw them on a mobile application. As there are features to edit, correct and alter the logo with a large number of tools. Moreover, the logo you design can be transferred immediately for use by exporting it to a png format file.