Purchasing Books on India’s Leading Online Book Store

Those interested in good collection of books but lack time to search books at normal bookstores should check online shops offering books for sale. Besides being convenient, shopping online is hassle free because you are just a click away from required books. But remember that some of the books sold online are rare and are limited in print. Let’s have a look at some of the top books this year.

Top three books being sold this year are:

The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru

This book reveals the deep secrets of Congress Party and deals with the conflicts faced by Dr. Manmohan Singh with the Party President. Written by Sanjaya Baru, former spokesperson of Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, and the author explains that Dr. Manmohan Singh had to constantly struggle for power because its major portion was in control of Sonia Gandhi, the Party President of Congress. It portrays a pitiable image of the Prime Minister and also interprets the relationship between the two stalwarts in which Mrs. Gandhi emerged as a constant winner. It reveals many unspoken and unheard of controversial details concerning the Congress Party. You can buy this book using Flipkart coupons for books.

Word Power Made Easy

This book aims at helping to improve all round language skills of the readers. The book makes use of everyday situations for showing how the words we use affect our day-to day operations. It begins by letting the readers assess their present vocabulary and build word skills. Divided into three sections, the book begins by explaining how to begin building word skills. It also explains the way to acquire better skill of words and learn new vocabulary at a faster pace. It shows how to be proficient in building vocabulary and keep learning new words and various ways of using them.

Its approach to building of vocabulary is root of word based and traces etymology of words in question. After explaining origin of the word, many similar words having same origin are introduced. This technique is good for remembering lot of words. It has sections on abstruse phobias, pronunciation keys, testing grammar skills along with a separate section telling us how grammar has evolved over a period of time. It offers tips on correct usage of grammar and words, how to adjust to changing use of words and acquire skills for natural speech. It contains few new words recently added to language. This is a practical guide for building good vocabulary and learning proper use of words, their pronunciation and spellings. Using Flipkart coupons while purchasing books can get you these books at great discounts.

I too had a love story by Ravinder Singh

This is the debut novel of Ravinder Singh and carries elements of troubles that he is facing in love and life. It is an autobiography in which author believes that all the love stories are not lucky to have happy ending.

Author has used this book to convey his love story to readers. This is romantic story of two people pertaining to modern day world of gadgets and internet. Story starts with