January 15, 2020

How to spy on Viber Messenger and Get Backup of Chat History?

How to spy on Viber Messenger and Get Backup of Chat History?

Social networking apps are immensely popular these days and Viber instant messenger is of the widely used social messaging app of all time. You can see Viber on everyone’s cell phone device including kids, tweens, teens, adults and older ones. Therefore, plenty of people these days are looking forward to spying on Viber messenger and get back of chat history? Now the question arises, how it would be possible for you to monitor Viber social media app installed on someone’s mobile phone.

However, we need to know about the peoples that are in desperate need of doing surveillance on instant messenger chat history. There are the following groups of the people who want to track Viber whatsoever.

Parents want to spy on Viber

Parents have major concerns over the kids and teen’s usage of Instant messaging app. Kids and teens do text messages, conversations, shared photos, videos, audio-video conversations, Viber Voice messages and plenty of others alike. Seemingly, all the activities look normal but at the end of the day, teens could become the victim of bullies online, stalkers, share sexual suggestive private photos and videos and get blackmailed. Besides, teens can stalk sexual fantasies on their mobile phones using social media apps like Viber.

Employers want to do surveillance on Viber

Business organizations often allow their employees to use Viber spy app for the sake of communication with each other. However, most of the time employers have to face plenty of issues such as wastage of time in motiveless communicational activities, sharing secret information of the company and even to use it for personal reasons. Therefore, to protect the company’s secrets, wasting of time and rightly dealing with the customer's employers have to track instant messaging app.

People in a relationship want to track Viber

Spouses are usually suspicious about the usage of Viber all day long by the partners even when they are in homes. Spouses become curious and insecure to know what is more important for their partners then their wives. Therefore, they really want to know to whom they husband is talking to via chat conversations and audio video calls and even when they share multimedia over there. Let’s get to know how to spy on Viber.

How to get Viber monitoring software to get back chat history of messenger?

If you want to monitor instant messenger Viber for digital parenting, employee monitoring and to prevent cheating from partners then you need to get Viber surveillance software. Therefore, use your mobile device browser or PC and get access to the official website of the cell phone tracking software. Besides, you need to subscribe to it when you are on the page. You will get the credentials such as password and ID. Now get physically target device and start the installation process and when you have been done with it then you should activate it on the target device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel. Further, you can get access to tools that empower you to monitor all the trendy instant messaging apps including Viber.

Live screen recording

You can remotely get access to the target device of your employees, children and loved ones respectively. Besides, you can perform live screen recording in real-time. You can make short videos of the screen back to back when the social messaging app is activated on the targeted device. You can see the live recorded videos of the cell phone screen to see the Viber activities by visiting the web control panel.

IM’s Social Media

Mobile spy app provides you best tool for tracking Viber social messaging app. You can use social media messenger spy app to get the logs of Viber running on the targeted device. You can get the logs in terms of messages, conversations, shared photos, videos, and Viber Voice messages.


The end-user can remotely get access to the target device screen and you can capture screenshots of the screen when the target device user is using Viber. Besides, you can capture multiple screenshots at once as well.


Cell phone surveillance app is the best tool that empowers you to spy on Viber chat and further you can get back the chat using the web control panel of the phone spying app for Viber.