Creative Writing as a Source of Income

Creative writing is an excellent way to improve communication and express creativity, but people seldom think of the potential social and economic benefits that the hobby can bring. With the current culture of internet and social media, creative writing can be a way to get people in contact with others who they may have previously had no connection. Also, with the flourishing community of eBooks and independent publishing, people have access to an audience more than ever before, and with that the possibility of making money.

Usually, creative writing begins as an independent activity, a way for the writer to get some thoughts and ideas on paper for themselves. Once someone gets in the rhythm of writing, often they want to seek out others to read what they wrote not only as a means of validation, but as a tool of constructive criticism to improve their writing. There is a plethora of online communities that center on reading and critiquing the works of independent creative writers.This gives the writer a social circle in which they are comfortable to exchange ideas with other writing enthusiasts. Learning how to take criticism will not only improve the work itself, but it will translate this self-awareness to everyday life. Also, active communication with people of similar interests can help with communication in all other relationships in the writer’s life. It will also help people to forge relationships, be them online or in real life through a writer’s workshop or other such activity.

Besides improving social relationships, creative writing can be a viable source of income for some people. Since the advent of self-publishing and eBooks, it is not easier than ever to get writing out than ever before. For little or no cost, people are able to get their work out there faster and more easily than in the age of printing, and some are definitely reaping the benefits. One of the biggest self-publishing success stories to date is E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, which originated on a Twilight fan-fiction website. James, a woman who dappled in creative writing for pleasure, found an audience due to the access to her work that the internet provides. Eventually, James self-published the book herself, the success of which led to the printing of paper books.Immersing herself in an online creative community, James was able to find a global platform for her work, making millions of dollars in the process. Having never seriously considered writing as a career before this, James serves as a perfect example of how virtually anyone is capable of finding monetary success with creative writing.

Although it can be viewed as a solitary hobby, creative writing really can be a gateway to an improved and expanded social life. On top of that, there is plenty of money to be made by creative writing, as is evidenced by the immense success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Creative writing is an activity that is both socially enhancing and potentially lucrative, which is a rare combination. Unemployed Professors understands that some individuals have a difficult time uncovering their creating writing prowess. No need to worry; the writing service experts at can help! Submit a project, talk to our professionals, and unlock your true potential.