Can ICET be cleared with CAT prep?


For those aspiring to join premier B-School in the country, clearing CAT is mandatory. The preparation itself is very tough and time consuming. CAT is a national level entrance exam, whereas ICET (Integrated common entrance test) is conducted by Andhra Pradesh Council of Higher Education. This is a state-level exam, clearing which can help attain admission is MBA/MCA colleges and universities in Andhra Pradesh.

Let’s first look at broad difference between the two examinations:

  • The major difference is that CAT is national level entrance test taken by lakhs of students across the country. It is specially conducted for aspirants seeking admission in IIMs and other premier institutes that accept CAT scores.
  • ICET is a state level entrance test that is taken by aspirants residing in Andhra Pradesh or nearby states. If you clear this test will open doors to MBA and MCA colleges in AP only.
  • In CAT, there is negative marking for wrong answers whereas in ICET there is no such feature.
  • The level of difficulty is higher in CAT whereas it cannot be said the same for ICET.
  • CAT exams are held in October and November whereas ICET is held in May every year.
  • CAT is also has online test option whereas ICET still is a paper and pen test.

Now the basic query that can one clear ICET along with CAT preparation:

The answer to the following question is evident from the difference between the two examinations. It is always advisable to start preparing for CAT since it will train you to take tests for all major management entrance examinations. Once you prepare for the toughest test, chances of clearing ICET increases as the level of difficulty is moderate in this test.

Byju’s Classes is an established brand name that has given successful results year after year. They provide holistic coaching and help students to clear CAT, MAT, XAT and also ICET. With expert faculty members they are one of the most preferred coaching institutes.

So when an aspirant takes training and coaching for CAT, the students is also preparing for ICET since the basic concept and design of the tests are similar. Both the preparation can be done simultaneously since one has to prepare for logical reasoning, verbal abilities, and basic mathematics. As part of the training incumbents are given group discussion and personal interview preparation tips as well by most coaching classes including Byju’s Classes.

If the goal is to clear CAT and also ICET then one should concentrate on giving maximum time to CAT teaching module. This will strengthen all the aspects and clear core concepts helping to clearing ICET with flying colours.

One thing has to be kept in mind is that ICET takes place before CAT so try to cover as my syllabus from the CAT study material. Be proactive and start studying at least six months before the entrance test. Refer to previous test papers and interviews of those who have cleared the test. This will give an overview on ways to start preparing for the exam. It is best to keep abreast of all the developments in order to clear the entrance hurdle with good ranking.