The Benefits of Writing Skills in Education and Why You Should Write as Much as Possible

The written word is facing dark times, as anyone looking through social media posts can tell you (S’up? C U  2nite? CUL8R, LOLZ!). Now, more than ever, having good writing skills is essential both during your academic life and later on. Your written English skills will directly impact the success of your applications for grants, admission to college, financial aid and all other educational opportunities, and they will play a big role in your career advancement as well. If you want to improve your own writing or need assignment help, sites like can help you find a good professional writing service to come to your aid. But it’s good to adopt the attitude that writing in itself is a reward, and it has many other benefits that will help in your education and development. Let’s have a look at the most important of them.

  1. Improving Communication Skills

First of all, good writing skills provide a vehicle for communication and self-expression. Regardless of your age or educational level, practicing and improving your writing will make you feel more comfortable with revealing and relating your feelings and thoughts, and you will be able to express them better too. This can help you not only in your academic life, but in personal matters as well.

  1. Independent Thinking

Improving your writing skills also means learning to think more clearly and organize your thoughts better. The act of writing entails understanding the world and yourself better, thinking independently and learning to respond to criticism. Therefore, writing helps you not only in your English assignments, but in any other field of study you may be interested in.

  1. Good Listening Skills

Students with good writing skills know how to actively listen to the professors and write down only the important data. Good writers know how to listen to their instructor’s questions and comments about their work, translating them into improvements.

  1. Confidence Building

Good writing skills also translate into improved self-confidence. Writing is a solitary, personal activity, and it yields something that belongs solely to you. Improving your writing and feeling proud of your work will boost your self-confidence, and a confident student is a successful student. It too often happens that students fail in school not because of lack of abilities or knowledge, but because they don’t believe in themselves enough to work towards their goals or show what they are capable of.

  1. Improved Speaking Skills

In many cases, students with good writing skills also become good speakers and readers as well. Once you find your “voice” in written form, it will be easier for you to convey your message orally using that same voice, showing more feeling and emphasis in your presentations and making them more convincing. How many times has it happened to you to get a lower grade for a project just because you weren’t able to present it properly in front of your professors?

As you can see, the benefits of writing skills are considerable, helping you not only in your education, but on so many levels!