Being the Professor Cool after Cracking UGC NET

Ever imagined where would all these students go off we didn’t have enough talented professors and lecturers to guide them through the preparation for exams and entrances. However, even those exceptionally talented professors and lecturers have to clear the main examination of UGC NET to be a professor and mind you, this examination is not easy. So, if you are one of those who aspire to become a lecturer shortly, brace yourself for thorough hard work and extreme study hours.


The UGC NET is the nationally conducted entrance examination by the University Grants Commission. It is only after a candidate has made through this examination that they are eligible for becoming a lecturer in universities across the country. The entrance examination covers almost all the topics and subjects since the teachers are required to have an idea of almost everything. There is a vast course to be covered, and there has to be a strategy if you intend to crack it. To further strengthen your strategy, here are some tips:

  • Have comprehensive knowledge of everything

Since the syllabus covers it all, there is nothing that one can skip or take to be important. Each and every subject and topic is all the same important. To ensure that you cover them all, start a year or half in advance. It will give you plenty of time to prepare yourself for the first paper since it is the toughest of the lot. Make sure your study schedule is effective rather than extraneous.

  • Time Management

For UGC NET, time management can be considered to be the key factor. There are the lengthy questions that may end up consuming a lot of time if you think and write. Therefore, keep answers for different topics well framed in your mind so that you do not waste time while writing.

 Take mock tests

Mock tests are very important for almost every entrance examination. While taking these examinations, you will be able to explore which are the areas you are weak at and which ones are the strong points. You will also be into the habit of solving the paper within a given time frame. They prepare you better for what’s to come.

  • Systematic and smart study schedule

You can either study for long hours, or you can study for a few hours but very effectively. Plan your schedule. Divide hours you need for paper solving and hours you need for studying. You also need to have a thorough practice of writing as subjective questions demand that. Take plenty of breaks and keep your mind fresh. Do meditation in the morning to keep yourself away from all the deviations while studying.

One is quite experienced by the time they are to apply for UGC NET, but there is no harm in preparing by taking coaching time. There are plenty of UGC NET coaching centers in Rohini i.e. in Delhi. They will prepare you better for it, and your schedule will be better managed.

Author: The author is a professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Delhi and also offers guidance at Teachwell Institute and has been writing columns for educational dailies.