December 17, 2019

Android Messaging Joins the 21st Century

Android Messaging Joins the 21st Century

Say bye to SMS. As of final week, Google finished rolling out RCS messaging on Android phones in the U.S.—meaning, it’s to be had no matter your service.

To recap, RCS, or wealthy verbal exchange offerings, is a type of messaging protocol that does a hell of loads more than fundamental SMS. For starters, it has an eight,000 person restrict in comparison to SMS’s a hundred and sixty, helps read receipts, and may use wifi to send messages. It’s extra like Apple’s iMessage or more present day messaging apps like WhatsApp or fb Messenger.

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That stated, RCS isn’t exactly new. Google’s been making waves about it changing SMS considering as a minimum 2016. Sadly, providers were slow to roll out RCS as community and software program updates are had to make it work. Some months ago, Google stated it become rushing up the system by using at once letting customers decide-in. At the time there wasn’t a clean timeline, but every person within the U.S. Need to be able to achieve this now. (global customers might have to wait a bit longer, depending on where they live.)

To enable RCS, all you need to do is have the present day versions of the Google Messages app and provider services. If RCS isn’t enabled by means of default, then you must obtain a “Do more with Messages” notification a good way to include the option to toggle it on.

There are nevertheless some caveats. Whilst you'll be capable of obtain the blessings of RCS, it only works if the man or woman you’re messaging also has RCS enabled. In addition, RCS messages aren’t give up-to-give up encrypted simply but, so if privacy is a chief precedence for you, you is probably better off sticking with signal or Telegram. Additionally, unlike Apple’s iMessage, you can’t sync your messages throughout multiple Android devices. That stated, it’s still light years higher than SMS.

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