8 Books You Must Read During Your College Years

There is no specific age when you should start reading books. Even If you have never liked it during your childhood years,it is still not too late to develop the habit of reading good booksin just any age. Here are some of themost important reasons why you should be reading books:

  • To develop verbal abilities
  • To improve focus and concentration
  • To improve imagination
  • To pass time productively
  • To be better a writer such as coursework writer uk, novel writer, etc. After all, writing skills can only be developed with good reading skills.

And once you know why, find out which books you should and must read before your college life ends below:

  1. Norwegian Wood- Haruki Murakami

This story tells us about the significanceof true love, support and friendship through times when you are making the toughest choices of life. It tells how important it is to realize true feelings and cherish them in the most beautiful manner.

  1. The Side Of Paradise- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Students love reading this book as they feel connected to it on many levels. With the story of a person who finds the reality of world entirely opposite to what was perceived during college years, it allows students to train themselves for facing the outer world once they are done with their studies.

  1. One Hundred Years Of Solitude- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

An interesting novel about evolution of humanity not only provides a good read to the college students but also teaches them about importance of loved ones in their life. It is a must read for college students because they might end up alone if they fail to realize their true supporters and well-wishers at the right moment.

  1. The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

It teaches younger generations about letting go of past and failures. The story tells about people who fail to assess their true capabilities, suffer loss and finally face a time when they see everything fall apart but cannot do anything about it. This story teaches a great lesson about assessing true potential of oneself to avoid loss in future.

  1. Lolita-VladamirNobokov

This intriguing novel is to-date a popular choice among young adults and college students due to the presence of humour along with an engaging story. Through a tale of forbidden love, it teaches many essential traits like love, forgiveness and sacrifice, importance of which is often ignored in today’s world.

  1. The Grapes Of Wrath- John Steinbeck

A tale about situations that a particular family in this novel had to face reaches out to the readers on a personal level and allows them to relate their life troubles with them. It helps them understand the role of love, friendship and close relations in finding solutions for all such problems.

  1. The Stranger- Albert Camus

The years through college can be tough for many students, as they are still in the phase of exploring themselves, their options, their choices and priorities. This book tells about story of a man who killed somebody without feeling any guilt. The story is so well-composed that it can guide students about understanding their potential along with the impact of their choices on their life and world.

  1. The Art Of Happiness- The Dalai Lama

Not only college students but whoever wants to feel a little more comfort and happiness in their life must read this book. This book is particularly very helpful for students who are facing tough time in college life or extremely stressed out thinking about their future. The interviews and conversations with the Dalai Lama are surely an inspiration for all those who seek happiness in life.

Besides providing you with quality time pass, the best thing about developing a habit to read books is that you will never have to face a social tension at college. Even if you fail to make many friends, you can always take your favourite book along and read it in free time during class intervals or lunch breaks.

Jillian Petrova works as a career consultant for an educational service. When not working, she blogs on anything that catches her interest.