Ever since computers stopped being a luxury that only big corporations and research institutions could use and the Personal Computer was developed, they have become a big part of everyone’s lives. While computer knowledge is almost common, there are certain skills that one should master if at all they want to make their computer use very efficient. Below are 4 computer skills everyone should master.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Mastering basic keyboard shortcuts play a major role in how efficiently you are going to use your computer. While many individuals may find it unimportant because there is always the mouse and GUI icons to use, what they don’t know is that most keyboard shortcuts improve your computer utilization experience. The shortcuts allow you to conduct quite a large number of tasks in an easy and time efficient manner.

While it is impossible for one to master all the keyboard shortcuts, it is important for one to master a few simple and common shortcuts. Short cuts such as “Ctrl +C” which triggers the copy function, “Ctrl + V” which triggers the paste function, “Ctrl + X” which triggers the cut function and “Ctrl + N” which triggers the creation of a new workspace help with the simplifying common computer operations.

Internet basics

The advent of the internet has simplified many things and in a way made life much easier. While very many individuals associate using the internet with just using social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the internet offers a whole lot more than just social media. It offers one a wide range of opportunities that one can should master if at all they are to make the best out of it.

The first thing on internet basics that one should understand is web browsers and how they work. One should be able to understand what a URL (Universal Resource Locator) is and where it is placed. You should also be able to check and clear your web browsing history, website policies about cookies and how to clear them when need be and what bookmarks are and how to save them.

A good understanding of search engines places one in a better position to master the full potential of the computer. Make sure that you know how to maneuver between different search engines and how to make advanced searches using connectors such as ‘AND’ and ‘NOT’.

Touch typing

Touch typing is one of the most important computer skills that anyone who frequently uses computers should master. Touch typing is a skill which helps you type faster and in the process making you more efficient in your work. However, there is a lot that goes into touch typing.

Touch typing relies on the mastery of the position of different keys on the keyboard and placing certain fingers in specific positions. This will help you to comfortably type without the need to constantly look at the keyboard while typing. It helps you reduce the number of

errors you make while typing and increases your typing speed, thereby making your typing generally more efficient.

Thanks to the internet, there very many resources online which can help anyone learn how to touch type. For example, ratatype.com can give one a good understanding of how they can go about being a very fast touch typer. Many sites even give one the opportunity to learn how fast they type by taking their simple typing test. Knowing your typing speed gives you a good start off point from which you can start monitoring your touch typing skills progress.

Computer security best practices

Basic computer security skills are some of the most looked over skills that many don’t find the need to master. The result of which is that they find their computers and social media accounts being hacked. Basic computer security skills are a must know if you intend to keep all your information intact.

One of the core principles behind best computer security practices is to have very good passwords, passwords which no one or robot will be able to hack. Strong password are usually very long and combine different characters, numbers and uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Try as much as possible to exclude any personal information from being part of your password. Employ these principles in not only your computer accounts, but also your online activity and it will reinforce you’re your general computer security.

Best computer security practices also involves protecting your computer from viruses and malware. Make sure that you always have an updated antivirus software running on your computer to make sure that it always protected from any external attacks.